Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 2 Reflection 27/5/2015

Today, we built a better boat as we found out that our older boat with 2 floats could not move due to its weight even though it had 2 engines. I learnt that we needed to seal every side of the boat to not allow water to come into the boat as it will sink the boat. I also learnt that the steam boat concept works like when particles in the engine expands due to boiling it is given out and this force will push the boat forward. I felt that today's activity was more fun than yesterday's as we were given a shorter time and this was challenging for us as our boat was not working. It affected me in the understanding of discipline as we need discipline to get our work done before the deadline. If we don't have discipline, we would be messing around and not properly do our work.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Day 1 Reflection 26/5/2015

I have successfully a steam boat with my group. Although it was a very hard and tedious task, we managed to complete it. I learnt how to make the engines of the boat and how the steam boat works. I also get to meet more new friends from my group. Overall, I felt very satisfied and happy about the boat even though we are still building it as we are writing this reflection. I can apply teamwork from this project and put it into other future projects.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pre-Camp Reflection 25/5/2015

I feel that this project is very interesting as it involves building something. In particular, a steam engine. I have never built anything more complicated than this before and I want to try out and test my abilities in building this steam engine. Im also interested in engineering and for me, this project was very eye-catching and that is why I chose this project.
From this project, I think I can learn on how to improve my teamwork as this project is a team project. I can also learn some fundamental of engineering and steam engines.
My question before we start the camp is how to build a steam engine and how does it work?